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Brand and Logo Questionnaire

This form is intended to better help us understand what you are envisioning for your brand and also function as a brand exercise for you. By completing this form we hope to gain valuable insight into how you perceive your brand. Upon submission of this form we will email you the completed questionnaire for your records. Please consider these questions carefully and do not hesitate to clarify any of the questions with us.  It is not required that you answer every question.
Example: For upscale American families, Volvo is the family automobile that offers maximum safety.
Example: Saves Time, Saves Money, Increases ROI
If your customers get only one message about your brand, what do you want it to be?

Brand Attributes

Please indicate on the bars below where your brand image would fall between the two opposing characteristics.
If you have specific PMS colors that are required please list those.

Abstract Values

Logo Formats

Which one of these four logo formats do you believe represents your brand?

Includes your company's name in a stylized typeface and/or company initials in a simple shape.

Pictorial Mark

A pictorial mark includes literal or representative imagery to symbolize your brand.

Abstract Mark

Features abstract shapes and symbols to convey an idea or attributes.

Emblem, Crest or Enclosure

Features the name or initials of the company usually as part of a pictorial element or shape.

Logo Styles

Which one of these five logo styles do you believe represents your brand?

Web 2.0
Common elements include: vibrant colors, subtle 3D feel, bold type, color transitions, shadows, gloss and reflection.

Common elements include: fresh colors, stylized imagery and clean type.

Common elements include: timeless colors, literal imagery and traditional type.

Common elements include: detail, textures, flowing lines and distinctive type.

Complex Illustration
A hand drawn feel depicting a scene or character.


What styles of fonts do you believe represent your brand?

Additional Information

If you have any samples you would like to share please upload them here.

Contact Information